These confidential in-office or virtual sessions offer guidance and practical strategies to help you through the difficulties of life. We work with children, teens, college students/young professionals, and adults through individual, pre-marital/marriage, and family counseling. We take a “coach collaborative” approach where we view you from your strengths and together we work to figure out where you want to be and how we can work together to get there. Some specific issues we work with include but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, anger/emotional management, stress management, self-care, boundaries, self-value, imposter syndrome, grief and loss, communication, mindset, mental toughness, resilience, motivation, procrastination, time management, navigating life stages and changes, and family dynamics.

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These confidential in-office or virtual sessions are designed to help you get unstuck by removing the mental/emotional blocks that are in the way of you moving forward toward your goals and dreams. Whether you want to stop a bad habit, start a good habit, enhance athletic, academic or professional performance, or make a change in mindset, these sessions help you achieve and sustain personal and/or professional success. We engage the mind-body connection through breath work, muscle relaxation, and suggestions that highlight your strength, your ability, and your power to handle, manage, change and achieve your greatest desires personally and/or professionally.

* We also offer virtual or onsite hypnosis sessions for companies looking to provide mental wellness opportunities for their staff.

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Life Coaching

These confidential in-office or virtual sessions are designed to help you through making significant life decisions or navigating a personal or professional crossroad in life. If you are needing to process a life event or development that is impacting your ability to move forward, life coaching is a great option. We take a “coach collaborative” approach by seeing you as the expert and us as the objective ear that can ask questions, make observations, notice patterns, and identify potential strategies and solutions to get unstuck and move forward.

* We also offer virtual or onsite life coaching and executive coaching sessions for companies looking to provide mental wellness opportunities for their staff.

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Corporate Wellness

These customized virtual or onsite workshops, seminars and trainings are informative, interactive and provide inspiration for your organization leaders and employees. Topics we can cover for your company include but are not limited to: mindset, motivation, productivity, procrastination, imposter syndrome, mental toughness, burnout, dealing with difficult people/customers, clients, effective communication, effective leadership, self-care, stress management, work-life balance, navigating work, life, leadership in changing times. If you have a topic in mind, we can create a workshop or a training for you.

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Civil Mediation

This confidential in person or virtual service is available to you if you are in a dispute that is not resolving and is looking like it may be moving toward litigation. Mediation is a great, short-term, cost-effective alternative to try before involving attorneys, judges, and more money for the long haul. The goal of mediation is to settle the dispute quickly and effectively through the help of a trained neutral party. The mediation process allows each party to have more control in the negotiation process and in the outcome.

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New Power for Life

Your 30-day intense, one-on-one, collaborative commitment to ELEVATE you to the ELITE status of EXCELLENCE WITHOUT LIMITS! This coach collaborative experience includes:

  • 4 hours of discovery, consultation and contract creation around dreams and goals
  • 8-10 1-hour coaching sessions over the 30-days – in person or virtual
  • Daily motivational and accountability texts
  • Up to 2 additional hours of contact by phone as needed
  • UNLIMITED communication via text and email as needed

Only 2 spaces open each month! The Investment of $5,000!

Check out this quick video to learn more about our collaborative coaching experience!

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Insurance Information

At New Perspectives for Life, our work is “diagnosis free.” In some situations a diagnosis is necessary in order to have medical treatment and supervision; however, we believe that most people can relieve the intensity of their situation through counseling that brings about a new perspective.

As a result of being “diagnosis free,” we work with you directly instead of through your insurance company. We believe that most people find the benefit of NOT having a long-term, formal diagnosis far outweighs the short-term financial commitment.

A few more words about insurance:

  • If you are interested in obtaining reimbursement through your insurance company, we will be glad to provide you with a statement of services which you may use to file directly with your carrier as out of network benefits.
  • If you are currently under mental health care with a diagnosis and/or medication management, we will be glad to provide counseling services as a collaborative partner in your care.

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