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These confidential, in-office sessions offer help and guidance for the problems, concerns, and difficulties you may be experiencing in your day to day life.

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These confidential sessions are designed to provide clients with the motivation and direction to achieve and sustain personal goals. Sessions can be held in our office, the community, or on-site for our corporate clients.

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Life Coaching

These sessions, held in our office, the community or by telephone, provide motivation to achieve and sustain personal goals.

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Customized workshops, seminars and trainings are available on location for your business or organization.

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Insurance Information

At New Perspectives for Life, our work is “diagnosis free.” In some situations a diagnosis is necessary in order to have medical treatment and supervision; however, we believe that most people can relieve the intensity of their situation through counseling that brings about a new perspective.

As a result of being “diagnosis free,” we work with you directly instead of through your insurance company. We believe that most people find the benefit of NOT having a long-term, formal diagnosis far outweighs the short-term financial commitment.

A few more words about insurance:

  • If you are interested in obtaining reimbursement through your insurance company, we will be glad to provide you with a statement of services which you may use to file directly with your carrier as out of network benefits.
  • If you are currently under mental health care with a diagnosis and/or medication management, we will be glad to provide counseling services as a collaborative partner in your care.

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