Corporate Workshops on Mental and Emotional Wellness

We provide corporate clients with virtual and / or on-site workshops, life coaching, and executive leadership training. All workshops and training are customized to the needs, talents, and culture of your company. Contact us today for more information or to book your event!


Our goal is to help you look forward and find strength.

Problems, issues, obstacles, hardships … we all have them. The question is do THEY have us?

You can probably think of someone who has overcome many difficulties. What is it that allowed that person to triumph?

There may be many reasons–but, at the heart of it is perspective. Somehow, this person changed his or her mindset and was able to move forward and find strength.

Through counseling, life coaching, and hypnosis, we work with you to:

  • Assess what you are going through and how is it impacting your life
  • Explore your strengths, talents, gifts and abilities, and yes, EVERYONE has these qualities
  • Determine what you would like to be different and what it will take to get there

At New Perspectives for Life, our approach in working with you is strengths-based and solution-focused.

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Go Bold! The Nail Polish Challenge

“GO BOLD! The Nail Polish Challenge” will take you on the author’s journey of self-discovery through something as simple as nail polish. As you read this, you will experience insights into your own life and will be motivated to begin blasting out of your own comfort zone! Whether you are 10 or 100, this book will empower you to GO BOLD in your own life! And, why not?! YOU deserve it!


Insight Parenting: Empowering Parents From Within

Parenting is a moment to moment challenge. We do our best to be our best without really knowing what we are doing. At the drop of a hat, we go from feeling we are “super parents” to wondering if we have scarred our child for life. Parenting is the ultimate roller coaster ride.Insight Parenting offers a fresh perspective and approach for parenting our kids. The focus and message of this book are a little different, as you will see! Through this unique focus, you will receive tools, strategies and insights that will help you feel even more capable, confident and effective as you parent your children, from babies through adulthood. Insight Parenting will challenge, motivate and inspire you to be what your kids need – every step of the way!


We view YOU as competent and capable.

We view your life CIRCUMSTANCES as valid and important.

We view your PERSPECTIVE on your circumstances as the key to your quality of LIFE.


Bring us you and your circumstances. Together, we will find new perspective!


SUPER positive & no judgement approach! A MUST TRY for all your Life coaching, counseling & hypnosis needs! AMY & KEVIN are JUST AWESOME!!!

Julie Weisberg

Amy is a dynamo of positive energy with a real desire to help others. Love her spirit and drive.

Zett Quinn

I can't speak highly enough of Amy! The guidance she provides is insightful, professional, and wise. I've worked with her professionally and am blessed to know her personally. Everyone I send to her thanks me. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients get what they need. I highly recommend her!

Noelle Abent